Top 10 Classic Bodybuilding Supplements

  1. WHEY PROTEIN: Adding an extra 40 grams of whey protein (or more) to your diet after your workouts and with another meal can be a very effective way to build and maintain muscle mass.
  2. VITAMIN D3: Studies show that vitamin D supplementation of more than 3,000 IU per day can increase testosterone levels.
  3. FISH OIL: The omega-3 fish oils are fatty acids that may improve recovery and performance.
  4. MELATONIN: Melatonin supplementation of one to five milligrams can be an effective way to enhance your sleep. Additionally, melatonin is a strong antiocidant that can be effective in protecting us from excessive free radical damage after a physically demanding day.
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  6. CAFFEINE: Numerous studies supporting caffeine as a booster of power, strength and endurance.
  7. CREATINE: Creatine involved in energy production and anabolism in many tissues. Creatine levels in muscle can increase by up to 40 percent with dietary supplementation.
  8. BETA-ALANINE: Next to creatine, on of the ways your muscle helps you  get through that pain period is through an acid buffer called carnosine.
  9. NITRIC OXIDE DONORS: thought that L-citrulline , a more effective way to raise L-arginine levels consistently. Thus availability for nitric oxide production and buffering of amonia. Further, nitrate, found in beetroot juice and green leafy vegetables. Appear to improve performance as a nitric oxice donor as well. So eat your veggies!
  10. HMB: HMB supplements can improve recovery from exercise with a reduction in muscle damage and enhance muscle growth, strength and power after the appropriate exercise stimulus.

Adding any of the above bodybuilding supplements helps your weight lifting goals. While on your way to the muscular strong body of your dreams.