Do We Hate the Truth About Bodybuilding?

Legal steroids and Synthol in bodybuilding.

What do people know about their favorite sport and what do they want to avoid? Professional bodybuilding can at times be confusing and even divisive.

syntholThe fans have various opinions on what the sport should be like and in what direction needs to lead. Most importantly, do many of us hate to hear the truth? All the methods and substances that are used behind the scenes to gain advantage in the sport? In all honesty, the question is: do fans want to know these things? Or maintain and accept only the pure image of the sport in their mind and hearts?

One of the most controversial figures in the sport-is a certain trainer. Well known among the bodybuilding community. Because of his personal training business and sales of synthol oil and other bodybuilding supplements. Nothing is off limits to him and he will answer any question freely, unlike most bodybuilders. 

He claims the every competitive bodybuilder is using steroids as well as synthol oil to enhance the size and look of their muscles. He encourages this, and prefers to enlist clients who will use such site enhancement oils. His motto is “Do whatever it takes to advance: A few pros have came out and talked down about his statements. Accusing him of misleading the public. Many bodybuilding fans have came out and accused him of bringing the sport down. 

Appreciating the honesty to discuss these subjects freely. There are many sides to the sport of fitness and bodybuilding. Many levels from competitive and the highest professional. To the new wave of social media fitness stars, to an average gym goer trying to get muscle gains. One thing known for sure is never confuse top pros with anyone else. The top of the sports elite, their dedication to their job and their ways, never compared to anyone else. 

What the pros do is not the “norm” and is in no way something that should be repeated by an average fitness enthusiast. These synthol tactics, revealed to the public or not, dedicated for people who willing to sacrifice everything (including their health). Reaching a level of physical greatness very few can realistically obtain. While the final results, something truly spectacular, a very strong gray area on the journey to become the best. Furthermore, the fans seem to either cheer or become repulsed.

While the truth is always very appealing…but it can be dangerous if it’s not what the people want to hear.