Testosterone Supplements and Prostate Cancer Risk

Testosterone supplements do not increase prostate cancer risk.

Because testosterone hormone might promote prostate cancer. Supplementing testosterone to prevent the effects of aging is highly controversial.  In fact, suppressing testosterone with drugs is a common treatment for men with prostate enlargement or cancer. 

Do testosterone supplements promote cancer of the prostate? A study led from the Andros Men’s Health Institute in the Netherlands, concluded. Testosterone therapy did not increase the risk of cancer in the prostate. While not increasing levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA, a test to detect prostate enlargement and cancer).  Reducing urinary tract symptoms. The researchers studied nearly 1,000 mend who received testosterone therapy for three years. 

This and other studies found that testosterone supplements do not increase the risk of cancer in prostate. In fact, low testosterone  levels link to an increased risk of the disease.