Rich Piana’s Girlfriend Tells ALL In This Touching Video.

What Killed Rich Piana ? (Not Steroids) 

Rich Piana’s untimely death has been surrounded by rumors and speculation. His girlfriend Chantel Jansen takes to this touching video to set the record straight. 

It is no surprise that in recent months Rich Piana was not in the best of health to begin with. Recently he did a few videos of his doctor visits. In a few videos ha shares with his fans his trip to the doctor to get some blood work done.He also does a video showing his consultation with a doctor, where Rich discusses lowering his anabolic steroids useage, and obtaining legal steroids from his doctor.


Rich Piana was very open about his various drug use. He openly admiited to using everything from anabolic steroids, to adderall. 

Did Steroids Contribute to Rich Piana’s Death ?

Possibly. Being 300lbs. of solid muscle is simply never healthy. Based on Chanel Jansen’s statement, there is not too much to dig into. We all knew Rich had health issues. It was also no secret that Rich had just started a weight loss program, which he called “shredded by the day”. In Rich’s final instagram post, he mentioned his weight loss. He was actually making the effort to get healthy. Between the recent kidney stone issues, the blood work , and the doctor consultations – it was clear Rich knew there was a problem.

What was the mysterious “White Powder” Police Found ?

According to Chanel Jansen, it was not drugs. There is some possibility she is accurate. Rich, self admission snorted his preworkout (which not recommended). As seen in this video, Rich certainly does do this . Click here to see video. RICH PIANA SNORTING PRE WORKOUT

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