Steroid Terms

Steroids Terms

Terms You Should Know About Steroid (s) :

Constructive metabolism characterized by the building of tissue. While turning tissue into more complex living matter, mainly muscle.

Promotes anabolism.

Anabolic steroid:
Any one of several compounds derived from testosterone or prepared synthetically while promoting  general body growth. Opposing the effects of endogenous estrogen, or to promote masculinization effects. Because a chemical structure similar to cholesterol.

Steroid hormone that promotes male characteristics.

To take of feminine characteristics or feminization.

Refers to a state of deterioration usually within the muscle or bodily organ due to a lack of use or health.

While gaining strength and building lean muscle. Because legal steroids help with all your bodybuilding needs

Legal Steroids:

Products are 100% legal within the United States. Because ingredients are not under any FDA ban. Furthermore, nor do these products contain any ingredients that require a medical prescription. Furthermore, worth noting that some athletic governing bodies may have a ban on performance enhancement products. While obtaining a list from your athletic commissioner regarding banned substances. Legal steroids and anabolic supplements, most often used by professional athletes, competing bodybuilders, and military personnel.

Complex metabolic process in which energy is liberated for use in work, energy storage, or heat production by the destruction of complex substances. Basically muscle tissue is broken down when a person is in a catabolic state. Becasue use of anabolic steroids changes this.

Fatty substance found in animals that performs many vital functions and is synthesized by the liver and the adrenal cortex.

legal-steroidsBitch Tits:
Slang term for gynecomastia.

Abnormal enlargement of one or both breasts in men. While this condition is usually temporary due to a hormonal imbalance brought on by the use of steroids, however, can occur naturally as well.

A bodybuilding term describing a person who’s huge & obviously on steroids.

Fakes or basement drug:
Counterfeit or fake steroids.

The process in which a person takes on the characteristics of a mature male. Furthermore, masculinization.

Slang for steroids, syringes, while anything associated with the use of steroids

Slang term for injectable steroids

Dart, poke, ned: 

Slang terms for syringes.

Production of heat. While raises metabolism making it easier to burn fat.

Trade name:
Name given to a particular substance by each company that manufactures it.

Time in which a certain steroid supplement is taken. Because if taking a supplement for 6 weeks it is a 6-week cycle. While usually the time on a cycle is followed by the same amount of time off of the cycle.

A persons sex drive. Furthermore, testosterone helps with libido.

Any of a large number of hormonal substances with the same basic chemical structure. While produced mainly in the adrenal cortex and gonads.

Lean muscle mass:
Amount of muscle on a persons body. While legal steroid supplements help tremendously building lean muscle mass.

Immune system:
System in a persons body that wards off infection and responds to illness. While adding daily vitamins helps keep you healthy.

An androgenic hormone which is used to produce anabolic steroids.

Natural hormone that promotes the growth and development of female characteristics.

Nitrogenous compound that when combined with phosphate produces ATP.

Adenosine triphosphate is a molecule used to store energy while releasing energy in the muscle.

A substance increasing the amount of urine released by the kidneys. Bodybuilders use before contests because diuretics flush water from your body.