Can Coffee Be The Fountain Of Youth?

Yes! Drink Coffee and Live Longer!

Coffee, nectar of the gods. Essential for the start of the morning. A  recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows coffee (caffeine) jump starts your day. But can it also help prolong your life?

Apparently, yes! A European study found that over an eight year period. The more coffee consumption, the longer a person could live. So how is this possible? Over the last few months studies have been done. Demonstrating how four cups of coffee a day is harmless. Also, how a cup before a workout, like a pre workout, can help in burning fat. 

Another important fact about coffee shows moderate doses of caffeine support cognitive functions. Such as alertness and concentration, as well as boosting sports performance.

Coffee is rich in polyphenols as well. Polyphenols fight off diabetes keeping glucose in check. Polyphenols, also essential for healthy weight loss. Drinking red wine, which is full of healthy polyphenols adds to wines many benefits, including weight loss. 

Many personal trainers have advocated using coffee and caffeine as a pre workout. Helping activate brown fat producing agents helping maintain weight loss.

With this information, no wonder why coffee drinkers have been shown to have a long life ahead of them.