Muscle Protein Synthesis and Testosterone

Testosterone Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis

How Testosterone helps build muscles

Testosterone acts through mTOR pathway to promote muscle protein synthesis. Scientist and athletes have known about the anabolic properties of testosterone since the 1930’s. We know that testosterone binds to specific androgen receptors and that the hormone receptor complex influences the cell nucleus (site of DNA). Triggering protein synthesis.

A study from the University of Santiago in Chile found that after testosterone binds with the androgen receptor, communications within the cell activate the mTOR pathway. Which is the principal cellular signaling mechanism for turning on muscle protein synthesis.

Factors that have similar effects include the amino acid leucine, muscle tension and energy availability (calories). These types of studies help understand the process of muscle hypertrophy.

Anabolic like muscle building supplements and heavy weight training accelerate muscle protein synthesis more than weight training alone. Muscle building supplements influence tendon growth during heavy training. These testosterone booster supplements increased the muscle fiber angles, which made the muscle denser. Therefore, making you stronger-always lift smart. While no matter how big and strong you get-safety first.