Best Supplements to Gain Muscle

Gain Serious Muscles! Get Big and Get Strong!

If you really want to gain size and interest in best supplements to gain muscle.

Follow these tips!

Look for the best supplements for gaining muscle mass.

Eat organically, you are what you eat (if you give yourself a 59 cent hamburger you are giving your body 59 cent muscles that makes you look like garbage.)

Lift mainly in the 8-12 rep range

Your tempos should range from 3-1-3 to 4-1-4 and no more

You total time under tension for each lift should only last 60 sec or less (this is because you want to produce as much Testosterone and Growth Hormone.

Don’t lift longer than 45 min per workout, less at a higher intensity equals more.

You shouldn’t be performing any cardio

Lift according to your genetic makeup and your muscle fiber type. Tending to be more of an endurance athlete you will do better lifting a little higher reps. If you’re more of a speed athlete you will do better lifting a little lower reps heavier weight.

The best supplements for gaining muscle and other things can help in achieving mass.

Mass is easy to gain when you lift correctly, don’t waste years trying to reach your goal when you can invest in a muscle gain supplement that can get you tons of results now.

best muscle building supplement
How to work DBOL into your supplement routine.

Several studies suggest that muscle building supplements such as D-Bol may improve exercise performance. For a study published in 2012, scientists assigned a group of active men and women to eight weeks of treatment with either D-Bol or whey protein. During the treatment period, each subject participated in aerobic exercise and heavy-resistance training at least three times per week. Study results showed that members of the D-Bol group had a significant increase in lean body mass, while members of the whey protein group had a significant increase in body weight. In a 2013 review of research on D-Bol and exercise performance, investigators determined that taking the muscle gain supplement D-Bol is most effective during periods of high-intensity training and recovery from high-intensity training.

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