TRENBOLONE: The Best Bodybuilding Drug

Stack them up (pun intended) and compare to see what the best anabolic-androgenic steroid is. Many agree trenbolone takes the prize. Ongoing competition portrayed by the voluminous tomes on bodybuilding drugs by writers like William Llewellyn’s Anabolics.

The 1000 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) is testosterone.

Trenbolone-Testosterone Booster-Legal Steroids

Bodybuilders and athletes opine much to love about testosterone boosters. Building muscle size, increasing strength and improves mood. While enhancing sexual arousal and libido. Many responses to testosterone are dose dependent, including the primary goals. Goals like muscular hypertrophy and strength gains. 

Unfortunately, adverse side effects also become more prevalent and problematic in dose dependent fashion during supraphysiologic use. Also testosterone is endogenous (natural) AAS produced by the body. Necessitating use of supraphysiologic dosing to exceed what the body naturally provides. Unfortunately, this also shuts down endogenous testosterone production. So much of a dose is spent replacing what is shut down by “doping”.

Trenbolone-Legal-SteroidsMore than 60 years ago, chemist created analogs of testosterone to reduce the anabolic trenbolone estrogenic and androgenic side effects. More recently, pharmaceutical companies have pursued non-steroidal alternatives or legal steroids. Trenbolone, discontinued in 1997. Several different esters are widely available through black market sources. Make sure to research you are receiving legal and safe products claiming to be “Trenbolone.”le

Legal steroids, safe steroid alternatives and testosterone boosters are highly regarded. Proven builders of muscle mass and strength. Legal steroids commonly the foundation supplement in “stacks” due to this feature.