Steroids and Your Brain

Steroids Trigger Brain Reward Center:

Many bodybuilders and power athletes love taking anabolic steroids. The pleasure is a lot more than they get from lifting 50 pounds more in the bench press.  Or sprinting 100 meters faster. Because athletes report a general feeling of well-being from taking the drugs. While in addition to the pleasure they get from improved performance. A study on rats given ready access to canabinoids in the lab.  The study performed by University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. Finding that administration of nandrolone decanoate (Deca) for two weeks increased the drug seeking behavior of the animals. While steroid nandrolone triggers pleasure seeking behavior in the brain.

Steroids and Your BrainSteroids Can Be Addicting:

Anabolic steroids affect the mesolimbic reward center in the brain. Which provides a psychological stimulus to continue using them. According to a literature review at Uppsala University in Sweden. Anabolic steroids exert a powerful effect on the brain and nervous system. Accounting for some of their beneficial effects on athletic performance. Steroids influence brain chemicals such as endorphings, dopamine, serotonin and GABA. Which contribute to psychological dependence in steroid users.  Furthermore, about 30 percent of users were steroid dependent. While they also more likely to use stimulants, opiates and other hormones.

Stick with Legal Steroids:

Steroid Alternatives,  100% legal within the United States. While ingredients are not under any FDA ban, nor do these products contain any ingredients that require a medical prescription.

It is worth noting that some athletic governing bodies may have a ban on performance enhancement supplements. You can obtain a list from your athletic commissioner regarding banned substances.

Legal steroids and anabolic supplements are most often used by professional athletes, competing bodybuilders, and military personnel.