Sex and Bodybuilding

Sex and Bodybuilding

Active sports are beneficial to human health, therefore, to sexual desire, functioning genitals. We can say that an active sex life is the main indicator of excellent health.

However, the prevailing view that, while working out. Man gives all his energies to this task, and the sex it is not enough. But this is only a myth. Bodybuilding is the most potent stimulator of sex!

Pump up ALL your muscles

Firstly, bodybuilding can be used to make a spectacular appearance. While we know, brute force, especially when it so clearly expressed, very excites. Seeing ourselves inflated, trim, muscular man. Feeling like a wild cat, sinking your claws into sharp relief this body.

Secondly, the excellent physical shape. Achieved through bodybuilding, increases self-esteem, and, consequently, the level of the most important for sexual functions hormones: oxytocin and testosterone. Increases blood circulation, including groin, sexual receptivity increases, and this means that the person is ready for sex at any time.

Also, bodybuilding helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, and consequently arteries genitals. How effective is the heart, the more the muscles are trained body and breath, the better it will work “male dignity”! And what do you need for women to be fully happy? A confident man!