PED- Performance-Enhancing Drugs

“Dying to Get Big”- The real deal on PEDs

Performance-Enhancing Drugs and The Dangers

The ability to sculpt a larger, more muscular physique can provide a unique sense of euphoria unlike anything else on the planet. Because of the incredible feeling of satisfaction and achievement associated with getting huge. Many individuals will do almost anything to get bigger. Including using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). And they’ll use PEDs (steroids) despite the fact that many of these drugs can have an extremely negative impact on overall health. Including premature death. In fact, one might even say that many who use PEDs are quite literally “Dying to Get Big”.

A primary cause for the increased health risks associated with the contemporary use of performance-enhancing drugs has to do with the simultaneous use of many different types of PEDs that will wreak havoc on the body. Producing poor health.

The standard cocktail of PEDs consumed today usually includes heavy doses of different kinds of anabolic steroids. Used in combination with other powerful anabolic agents, such as human growth hormone (GH) and insulin. While this mix of PEDs may improve your physique in the short term without manifesting disease. Making you believe that they are harmless. The harsh reality is that over time, the repetitive use of these drugs will break your body down. Causing a plethora of disease that will most definitely result in premature death.

The Perils of Anabolic Steroid Use

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Choose your muscle supplements wisely

The most heavily consumed PED is the anabolic steroid. Elite bodybuilders have been using this form of PED to bulid muscle mass and strength for quite some time now. In fact, the use of anabolic steroids has likely increased over time. One study investigating the use of PEDs by competitive bodybuilders showed that 77 percent of the respondents reported using anabolic steroids. While anabolic steroid use is very high among top-level bodybuilders, the truth is the vast majority of PED users are not elite bodybuilders or athletes. Just normal individuals focused on simply wanting to look leaner and more muscular.

The reason for widespread consumption of anabolic steroids is that they do, indeed, potently stimulate muscle growth and strength. The primary anabolic effect from anabolic steroids is caused by cranking up the synthesis of certain protein molecules within the muscle cell that triggers muscle growth and strength.

Due to constant scientific advancement, within the past 10 years, legal steroids have been developed. They mimic the positive effects of steroids, like building muscle mass, increase in strength and cutting weight. They contain no banned substances, when taken as directed, no harmful side effects/long term side effects. Legal steroids, or steroid alternatves, are the perfect safe alternative to PEDs and anabolic steroids.