Muscle Supplement Review

Muscle Labs USA Reviews & Pricing Info

Muscle Labs USA is an online supplement store, where you can buy 100% legal and natural steroid alternatives.

They feature a variety of products for men and women, including testosterone boosters, cycles, and stacks.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at exactly what products they offer, some of the results you can expect, and how much they typically cost.

Muscle Labs USA: The Key Details

As we mentioned, Muscle Labs USA offers a wide selection of workout products for everyone. When you visit their site, these products are categorized into four different tabs:

Stack Cycles
Muscle Builders
Weight Gainers
Fat Burners

As you can see, they pretty much offer a supplement for every area of weightlifting. So whether you’re wanting to add more mass, build lean muscle, lose weight, or just increase your overall strength, they should have you covered.

How Much Does Muscle Labs USA Cost?

Muscle Labs USA Supplements range in price from as low as $35 to as high as a couple of hundred dollars depending on how many supplements you buy.

Keep in mind, that you get discounts when buying in bulk, including their full line of stacks, and right now they’re even offering a buy 2 get 1 free discount.

Below, you will find a list of all of the supplements they currently offer in each main category: Bulking, Cutting, and Stacking.

Muscle Labs USA Bulking Supplements


Muscle Labs USA Bulking Supplements

Bulking supplements are designed to help you get bigger and stronger while adding some noticeable muscle mass.

Anyone looking to create a more defined and muscular physique should consider this line of products.

Their bulking series includes the following supplements:


PRICE: $50.00
Best Bulking Supplement
Rapid Muscle Mass
Weight Gain

PRICE: $50.00
Maximizes Your Strength
Improves Your Conditioning

PRICE: $40.00
Huge Strength
Performance Enhancer
Faster Recovery Time Between Workouts

PRICE: $40.00
Huge Energy Boost
Performance Enhancer
Boosts Strength

PRICE: $55.00
Boost Testosterone
Improve Strength

Muscle Labs USA Fat Burners and Cutting Supplements

Muscle Labs USA Cutting Supplements

Maybe you just need to get ready for the summer season by shedding some extra fat around your mid-section, or perhaps you’re preparing for a bodybuilding competition.

Either way, Muscle Labs USA has a full line of supplements that are meant to help you get that lean, shredded physique many of us work so hard for.

Their cutting line includes three different high-quality supplements to choose from:

PRICE: $50.00
Their Most Powerful Fat Burning Supplement
Performance Enhancer
Lean Muscle Retention

PRICE: $40.00
Energy Booster
Lean Muscle Retention

PRICE: $50.00
Fat Burner
Performance Enhancer
Helps Carve the Perfect Physique

As you can see, they have a pretty solid selection of cutting products, and just like the bulking selection, you can stack these as well.


Muscle Labs USA Stacks

The Strength category features products from both bulking and cutting, so now we’ll move on to the stacks that they have available.

Muscle Labs USA Stacks

Bulking stack

Muscle Labs USA offers four different stacking combinations to choose from, with each targeting a different area of muscle building or weight lifting.

Bulking Stack
The Bulking Stack is perfect for people who – you guessed it – want to bulk up. With this premiere muscle-building stack, you can start packing on the muscle within your first month of using it.
PRICE: $155.00

Cutting Stack

Ready to get shredded? Then the Cutting Stack is going to be perfect for you. If you’ve always wanted to have the body of Adonis, but haven’t been able to shed that excess flab around your midsection, this top-rated selection of cutting supplements is the perfect combination to put you over the top:
PRICE: $155.00

Hard Gainer Stack

The Hard Gainer Stack is going to best for people who want to build extreme strength, experience huge muscle gains, and enhance their performance.
PRICE: $99.00

Muscle Building Stack

The Ultimate is engineered for the muscle hounds in the group. It’s going to bring pretty much all of the performance-enhancing qualities you’re looking for in a great stack: Huge muscle gains, more strength, super fast recovery, and insane levels of energy. It features the following supplements:
PRICE: $125.00

Muscle Labs USA offers a wide range of high-quality and effective workout supplements for everything from bulking, cutting, boosting energy and losing weight.

They have proven to work through countless before-and-after testimonials, are said to be safe and legal, and are pretty affordable too.

If you’re interested in bulking up or getting that lean shredded physique you’ve always dreamed about, then it might be time to consider a Muscle Labs USA supplement or stack.

They’re currently offering a buy 2 get 1 free promotion, so now is the time to save.

Learn more at their official website: