Jump Start Weight Loss-Just Change One Thing!

Making a minor tweak can yield major results in weight loss!

Below are tips for weight loss. Sometimes just changing one small thing can make the difference. Exercise, weight lifting or walking. Stay active if you can, that aids in burning calories. Lifting weights builds muscle. Muscles make you strong and healthy. Adding bodybuilding supplements, whether fat burning pills or muscle building supplements, helping achieve body goals.

  1. Stop drinking alcohol. Cutting alcohol out of daily routine.helps lose weight. Drinking these” empty calories” can slow metabolism, also damaging to liver if drinking in excess.
  2. Meal prep. Saturday or Sunday night, head to the grocery store and gather what you need for the week. When you get home, prep your healthy meals for the week. Less likely to eat other things while healthy meals already prepared.
  3. Allow yourself that one cookie a day. While lifting weights, eating healthy keep sane indulging in just eating one cookie a day. Instead of keeping a whole box at home, walk or bike to the bakery for that daily treat.
  4. Climb the stairs every day at work. Start slow, climbing the stairs during lunch hour. Adding more floors slowly.
  5. Walk five miles a day. Like the stairs, start slow, maybe 1/2 mile per day , working up to 5 miles per day. Walking, healing both mentally and physically.
  6. Take up swimming. Look for a gym that has a swimming pool. As you begin to lose weight, who knows? You may want to enter a triathlon!
  7. Sign up for an aerobics class. Aerobics like jazzercise or dance aerobics can be fun. Mixing dance, cardio and strength training can burn up to 550 calories per class.

As you can see, just adding a simple change to your daily routine, you’ll be on your way to the fittest you possible.