Lose Fat Fast While Gaining Muscle-Weight Loss Tips!

Most diet experts advise losing weight gradually over six to 12 months. Most people want to lose fat fast. Scientist from universities led a study. Said study showed that caloric restriction, high intensity weight training and intervals. While combined with high protein diets could cause substantial changes in the body composition in only four weeks.

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Test subjects cut calories by 40 percent. While their protein consumption was either 1.2 grams (low protein) or 2.4 grams (high protein) per kilogram of body weight per day. Both groups performed intense exercise, six days a week. The high protein group lost almost 11 pounds of fat and gain lean muscle-more than 2.5 pounds of lean muscle gained in four weeks. Compared to nearly eight pounds and 0.2 pounds in the low protein group. 

The study showed that high intensity exercise plus caloric restriction triggers substantial changes in body composition and strength. The changes are most significant during a high protein diet. Adding a fat burning supplement helps achieve body goals.These most effective diet pills give you the cutting edge for burning fat and gaining lean muscle.