Burn More Fat with Pre-Exercise Fasting

Burn more fat with pre-exercise fasting.

Carbohydrates are the principal fuels for exercise above 65 percent of maximum effort. Most Athletes participating in high intensity sports consume plenty of carbohydrates the day before competition and as part of the pregame meal. 

Is this the best strategy for people trying to lose weight?

legal-steroidsResearchers from the University of Bath, led by Dylan Thompson and Yung-Chih Chen found that fasting for 12 hours before a brisk one-hour walk led to greater fat mobilization and increased gene activity in fat cells. Compared to consuming a meal two hours before weight training. Pre-exercise feeding inhibits long term fat adaption to endurance exercise. 

Exercising in the morning before breakfast is a good strategy for losing weight. Also adding a fat burning legal steroid to your daily routine will help burn fat and lose weight.