Bulking Stack:Methyl-D-1-Test & Beastdrol Xtreme

Try our most EXTREME bulking stack ever with our brand new Beastdrol Xtreme and Methyl-D-1-Test cycle. This cycle is safe, completely legal, and not under any FDA recalls.

Ideal for: strength training, weight gain, increase in muscle mass, and hard gainers with high metabolisms who can never seem to gain weight. Also boosts your testosterone levels.

This bulking stack equips you with the look, the drive, and the stamina to keep pressing towards your goals. Results this extreme you will not disappoint and the ladies will be flocking to you!  Do you want to buy a reputable product from a reputable distributor? Here is your chance to buy one of the newest non-methylated, pro-anabolic supplements out there!

A safe, legal, non-methylated product. Beastdrol Xtreme is safe, legal, and not under any FDA recalls. Beastdrol is better than any competitors herbal “dianabol” products. the results are undeniable! Step on a scale and watch the weight come on.

Methyl-D-1 Test is designed to offer rapid and maximum uptake to the andro-receptors. It is the industries highest dosage allowed per capsule and nothing you will find anywhere else. This product is safe, completely legal, and not under any FDA recalls. Users report a rapid increase in aggression, strength, workout intensity, recovery and mind blowing muscle pumps.

When these two bulking supplements are combined, the results are amazing. Because the Beastrol Extreme and Methyl-D-1-Test compliment each other, you will have amazing muscle gains. Body builders also reported being able to workout more intense and having a quick recovery with muscles. Many body builders are able add extreme strength training to their workout routine while taking this bulking stack.Be prepared to lift numbers you never could before!

Most of all, if you want to get that “shredded” muscular look while gaining intense strength, than this Methyl-D-1-Test/Beastdrol Xtreme bulking stack is for you!