Best Anabolic Steroids- Boost Muscle, Power & Strength

This is our least-favorite type of article to write, yet most popular with our readers. The best anabolic steroids vs legal steroids. The paradox being that discussing the misuse/abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). Suggesting  AAS,  sole determining factor for the achievements of bodybuilders and athletes. Legitimizes illicit and undirected use by vulnerable and ignorant adolescents and young adults. Exposing readers to the temptations and choices and promotes illicit distribution of AAS. Profiting unscrupulous individuals, which hampers the acceptance of expanded indications for prescribed and monitored use of legal steroids

Yet, readers seek the physical rewards attainable only when AAS augment resistance training’s effects as well as the support of a suitable diet and lifestyle. The rewards to many from AAS are not merely physical or “physique”, but also enhance social standing. While financial gain, job opportunity/security and self esteem increase. Ironically, health enhances when used in a conscientious manner.

There are three responses that are most commonly sought after by young, recreational AAS misusers. Power, strength and size. These by no means exclusive. Most seeking a component of all three. Muscle strength and muscle power often used synonymously, but differences.  


Power is a metric that is most relevant to athletic performance, referring to the amount of force a muscle can produce per unit of time. The standing high jump ,commonly used measure of power.


Strength is the amount of force thats exerted in a single effort. Best represented by the one rep maximum lift in the bench press, squat and dead lift.

Many weight lifters, bodybuilders and athletes still use AAS. While many have switched over to safe steroid alternatives. Legal steroids have been around for decades. Always changing with time, the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014 changed a lot about legal steroids. Many companies complied to the Act, and have improved formulas, keeping them safe and legal. Whether you want to improve your physique or excel in athletics, legal steroids help you achieve whatever your goals may be.