Anabolic Steroids and Sexual Performance

Researchers rise to the occasion-

The essence of testosterone research in the fields of attraction, sexual performance and arousal. Testosterone promotes and enables a man to engage in intercourse. Be it for enjoyment or family planning. The aspects involved, more than “getting a boner”. Though that is a well studied phenomenon. It begins with the effect of testosterone on a man’s ability to “compete”  for the attention of a suitable mate.  His desire and motivation to attain his desired mate’s interest.  He needs confidence and self-esteem sufficient to present himself.

Animal studies and media headlines have colored the image of testosterone as barbaric. A manic inducing hormone, causing civil men to pillage and destroy in the throes of lust driven rage. While sporting anatomically disproportionate erections. Furthermore, if such behavior were so dependent on high testosterone surges. One would conclude that most video game players and developers, spiking testosterone levels that would shame a Mr. Olympia contestant.

Before there was interest in using testosterone or anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) to promote muscle mass or strength. Kings searched high and low for the “male factor”. To restore, enhance or prolong sexual performance. Bizarre recipes containing dried genitals from predatory and promiscuous animals or any plant that is vagina- or penis- shaped abound in ancient literature. Little different from today’s focus. Erectile dysfunction treatment is one of the most popular categories in pharmaceutical sales. While production and research; muscle hypertrophy and strength enhancement through exogenous factors is essentially taboo, neglected at best.

Low-T and sexual performance
Testosterone Boosters

Body, Mind and Libido

Comparing the sexual disadvantages of hypogonadal men (low testosterone). Research on testosterone’s effects on related mood, anatomy and physiology. Clear that men with below normal testosterone, “apples to apples” disadvantage to men with normal or higher testosterone. For the sake of clarity, consider the issue in general terms. Physical development-the body; mood and cognitive effects-the mind; sexual desire and arousal-the libido; erectile and ejaculatory function- the “package”.

Testosterone is involved in providing a man the equipment, ability and programming to perform sexually. The last ingredient is desire or becoming aroused. Arousal is often defined as having an erection in a sexual context. However, arousal begins with signs that precede the onset of an erection many times. Animal studies depend upon certain “mating calls” or the production of pheromones. Though it is not as well studied in humans. Arousal is the ability to develop an erection. It is a consideration in diagnosing men with testosterone deficiency. Lack of libido and difficulty in becoming aroused, signs of testosterone deficiency.

Muscle building requires higher testosterone than the average level. A well developed body reflects optimally function testes. Testosterone is a sex steroid hormone. Critical functions in that aspect of life for nearly all men. The muscle building and body compositions effects, not necessarily relevant to perhaps a majority of adults. However, without adequate testosterone, a highly valued component of life. Also relationships and pleasure are detrimentally affected.